Bafang BBSHD 1000W Mid Drive Electric Bike Kit


No pretenders

In the last year there has spawned more rehashed, re-labelled ‘new but not really improved’ versions of the BBS Bafang units that we’ve lost count. The truth is that Bafang are an assembly plant (just like every other electric bike motor manufacturer) and it is with the deepest sincerity that we would like to point out they don’t reserve the ‘special’ components for small resellers buying 100 units at a time. Instead, Bafang works with the larger purchasers to improve the models over time based on feedback from a large number of customers, from both the conversion kit market and the OEM electric bike market. If you buy a Bafang branded unit from a reputable company, you are buying the most up to date, latest spec unit available.

More torque than any other

Whilst there are higher-powered hub drive units available, nothing beats the hill climbing, wheelie-popping direct power of the mid drive. To tame the torque this kit requires the patented ‘Gear Sensor’ from Agentura REPRO (Czech Republic) by default. With other BBS units this is optional however because of the high torque of the BBS-HD, this is mandatory otherwise your transmission will be toast after 1 ride. The Gear Sensor system is easy to install and momentarily inhibits the power from the motor for just long enough to gear shift. You will need to select from 2 options (derailleur or internally geared hub) when purchasing.

Heavy Duty

The BBS-HD was originally going to be just a revision of the BBS02 with 12 ‘FET’ at only 25A. Going from 9 MOSFET (Metal-Oxide Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor) to 12 MOSFET increased the duty capability of the unit more than expected. The downside was that the BBS02 unit (which was originally and remodel of the BBS01) uses an integrated controller which could not fit any additional FETs. That meant that Bafang and their controller supplier had to completely remodel the diecast casing to make more room and to dissipate additional heat. The result is a slightly larger unit capable of housing the new controller. Other components were also upgraded (stator, rotor, gear box). The new BBS-HD is what many enthusiasts wanted the BBS02 to be.

High drain battery options

We’ve customised 2 battery options for the BBS-HD. Both are from Samsung. The first battery is a high energy cell (Samsung 29E NCA 2,900mAh) that is nominal 48V and 11.6Ah (557Wh). This battery will take the drain of 30A without breaking a sweat and will power you over a decent range, depending on use of course. The second battery option is a high power cell (Samsung 25R NCA 2,500mAh) that is nominal 48V and 10Ah (480Wh). This battery is capable of continuous draws of up to 80A (20A per cell at 4P) making it one of the highest power options in this size, and an excellent option to power your BBS-HD kit if you’re going to be ‘hanging it out there’ regularly.

The GSD or GSI

The GSD/GSI is a gear sensor that is attached to your gear change cable. This improves transmissions and motors lifecycle by preventing full torque of the motor from being applied to the transmission system during the gear change.

The Bling Ring (optional)

This stylish light weight chain wheel is a great replacement for the stock chain wheel that comes with the kit. It is a 42T narrow wide chain made from sturdy aluminium. This chain wheel is known for preventing chain derailment and improving wear tear on the transmission system. 

NOTE: Please get in contact with us or the manufacturer to check fitting requirements before purchase. The second picture shows the 20Ah hard case battery kit on the frame of a Dillenger 700C Expert. The Bling Ring upgrade is shown in the third picture as the red chain wheel. 

Links to Battery Dimensions:
NT Style Side, NT Style Top
20Ah Hard Case Side, 20Ah Hard Case Top

Model (year) BBSHD (2016)
Designation 48V Mid drive conversion kit
Main Use recreation, off road
Nominal Power 1000W
Cruise Speed 40km/h
Max Speed Depends on your gearing
Max Range Up to 60km with 11.6Ah Samsung (depending on battery package)
Average Range (30km - 40km depending on battery pack)
Throttle Type Thumb throttle
Pedal Assist Levels Up to 9
Handlebar Display Dillenger C965

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