Bafang BBS02 750W Mid Drive Electric Bike Kit


The Mid Drive Advantage

The Bafang mid drive kits are well known for their awesome amounts of torque. This is because instead of powering the wheel through a conventional hub motor, they power the main crank. So changing gears directly affects your speed and torque. 

Crank Mounted

The installation of this mid drive electric bike kit, while being a little more complex than a regular hub motor, comes with many more advantages. Engineered by Bafang, a leader in mid drive kits, they will fit any internal bottom bracket that is between 68mm and 73mm in length (some rare exclusions do apply). We recommend purchasing a BBS conversion toolkit with this model if you are completing the installation yourself. 

The Perfect Combination

The latest iteration BBS from Bafang combined with Dillenger's choice of solid battery mounting options and high capacity, high discharge potential Samsung cells make for the ultimate DIY electric bike conversion

The GSD or GSI

The GSD/GSI is a gear sensor that is attached to your gear change cable. This improves transmissions and motors lifecycle by preventing full torque of the motor from being applied to the transmission system during the gear change.

The Bling Ring (optional)

This stylish light weight chain wheel is a great replacement for the stock chain wheel that comes with the kit. It is a 42T narrow wide chain made from sturdy aluminium. This chain wheel is known for preventing chain derailment and improving wear tear on the transmission system. 

NOTE: Please get in contact with us or the manufacturer to check fitting requirements before purchase. The battery shown in first picture is the LT battery, these are no longer supplied. The NT battery is shown in the second picture. The Bling Ring upgrade is shown in the third picture as the blue chain wheel. 

 Links to Battery Dimensions:
NT Style Side, NT Style Top
20Ah Hard Case Side, 20Ah Hard Case Top

Model (year) BBS02 (2015)
Designation 48V Mid drive conversion kit
Main Use On road, recreation, off road, transport
Nominal Power 750W
Cruise Speed 40km/h
Max Speed Depends on your gearing
Max Range Up to 60km with 11.6Ah Samsung (depending on battery package)
Average Range
30-40km (depending on battery package)
Throttle Type Thumb throttle
Pedal Assist Levels Up to 9
Handlebar Display LCD

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