Smooth sine-wave power provides a pleasurable surge in acceleration as you pedal away on your Aklo converted electric bike. Almost any donor bike can be used together with the latest in DIY e-bike technology from Aklo to create a high-end, modern electric bike, which competes with factory built electric bikes on specs and performance. With the option of either, a rear rack battery or a cleverly discussed down tube mounted bottle battery, Aklo has contingencies for most bicycle types and in a variety of wheel and tyre sizes. If you don’t feel like getting dirty or don’t have the inclination to ‘do it yourself’ then ask one our friendly Ebikery staff members for a quote on turning your ‘old and faithful’ into ‘new and improved!’

Specialising in e-bike conversion alone (they do not produce any fully assembled e-bikes), Aklo’s aim is to reduce the gap in technology and performance between a $2,000 - $3,000 e-bike and their more affordable conversion kit option. In the spirit of forward thinking and progressive trends in environmentally friendly technology, Aklo’s focus is on conversion kits alone which they believe is the more realistic progression for electric assisted transport, requiring less upfront expense and utilising the masses of unused bicycles.

Priced very reasonably, the Aklo conversion kit uses sine-wave technology, which makes for a smoother, quieter and more efficient drive that is subtle in appearance and sound, but provides an immense amount of power to the rider. The conversion kit comes with everything you need to get going and is backed by a 1 year comprehensive ‘new for old’ warranty on all parts, including the 316.8Wh Lithium ion battery, motor, controller, handlebar LED display, throttle, pedal sensor, charger and all wiring.

Model (year)R A-Kit (2016) FWD
Designation Street Legal 
Main Use Recreation, commuting
Nominal Power 250W
Cruise Speed 25km/h
Max Speed 25km/h assisted, further speed can be achieved from pedaling
Max Range 50km
Average Range 30km
Throttle Type Twist Throttle with grips
Pedal Assist Levels 3
Handlebar Display

LED 880


10kg total


36V 8.8Ah Silver Bottle

Battery Dimensions

Bottle: 100mm diameter x 350mm length (approx.)

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