All our products have a one year warranty from the date of purchase.


 As far as warranties go, we can’t warrant products for activities that they aren’t designed for. This means that a commuter style bike can’t be warranted for harsh off road riding and backflips, conversion kits can’t be warranted for use on other vehicles other than bicycles and tricycles, products can't be warranted for commercial use, and that sort of thing. If you use the product as described, you’re covered by our warranty. We also need to make a point of maintenance of the bicycle related components. Electric bikes are new and wonderful and have been made to be as reliable and resilient as possible. This doesn’t mean that they’re immune from the same maintenance requirements of normal bicycles. This might include a good clean every now and then, don’t leave the bike wet after riding in a downpour, spoke tensioning after 500km or so, gear adjustment, brake adjustment and alike. 

Ebikery is the first port of call for any warranty or after sales support. You’re welcome to contact manufacturers and importers directly with any concerns or comments, but Ebikery is your best option. We have the spares needed and the experts on hand to help out over the phone, by email or in person at one of our stores or partner stores.

Electric bikes

Warranties for electric bikes cover the entire product without exception. If you have a minor fault with any part of the product, we are able to provide you with a replacement part if it is a part that is easily accessible. If it is not, we are able to arrange one of our technicians to do this for you. If you live away from any of our locations, we can arrange courier transportation to the nearest workshop location. Components that naturally wear over time, like brake and transmission components, aren’t covered by the warranty unless specified otherwise. Damage caused by the customer isn’t covered under a warranty. Damaged caused by improper exposure to the elements isn’t covered by a warranty. Damage due to poor maintenance also isn’t covered by any warranty.

Conversion kits

Conversion kits are covered by a similar warranty to the electric bikes, however it is a component warranty. Because we can’t make guarantees on the bike that is used in the conversion, we can’t warranty your entire ‘electric bike’ only the parts you’ve purchased from Ebikery. If there are any issues with the parts, the component in question can be returned to Ebikery for testing and replaced under warranty and returned to the customer. Damage due to incorrect use or installation is not covered by this warranty.
The warranties above are ‘express warranties’ which means they do not detract in any way from your rights under the consumer guarantee. The warranties above are ‘in addition’ to your rights under this act. All warranties start at the purchase date, unless the item is backordered in which case the warranty term begins at delivery to the customer or to the Ebikery store for collection. If any components are improperly disassembled, this will void your warranty.

For warranty claims or claims of defects, only Ebikery or one of our authorised representatives is able to assess the state or condition of a product. Ebikery does not require you to retain any special documentation such as a warranty card or a warranty registration. All that we require is proof of purchase by the original purchaser. Only the original purchaser is covered by these warranties.