Ebikery Pty Ltd does not offer refunds for a ‘change of mind’ situation. Under the consumer guarantee customers are entitled to a refund if the product has a major fault. If you encounter a fault the first point of contact is Ebikery. If you are requested to return the product by Ebikery. The product will be tested, if there is a minor fault that is easily repaired, it will be repaired in a timely fashion and the product will be sent back to the customer at Ebikery’s cost. If there is a major fault with the product, the customer can choose between a replacement or a refund. With regards to conversion kits, please check with Ebikery or the manufacturer of the conversion kit before purchase for fitting requirements. Refunds are not given if the conversion kit does not fit your bike. It is incumbent on the customer to ensure that the product meets their expectation before purchase.

If the return of a product is required for warranty matters, the customer will be required to return the product or component to Ebikery. Please contact Ebikery to initiate the process. If the customer ordered online and had the product delivered, Ebikery will arrange the collection of the product using a courier. The cost of the courier will be covered by Ebikery but the packaging will be the customer’s responsibility. If a repair is required, Ebikery will arrange for the repair in a timely and professional matter and will deliver the product or component back to the customer at our cost. A returns form is required to initiate this.

Out of Warranty:
If the issue is not covered by the relevant warranties, the customer is required to cover the cost of freight both ways and the cost of the work required. This would involve informing the customer at each step so there is no miscommunication. A returns form is required to initiate this.By returning the item to Ebikery the customer agrees to the above.