About us

Our Madness

Hand tested and professionally sourced electric bikes. We use bespoke machinery developed specifically for measuring the output power, efficiencies, speed and range of electric bikes to help us vet the brands we test and provide customers with this information. From physically test riding the bike, to going over the brand warranties, dealer support and spare parts supply with a fine-toothed comb, we make sure that we can offer only the best.


For whom

Our customers and the future of the industry


Why we do things, the way we do

We believe everyone should own an electric bike; that's a given. We believe that Ebikery brings a new standard to the industry. Allowing customers to test ride our entire range in a controlled, safe environment allows them to make a well informed decision about what they like in an electric bike. It allows customers to compare styles, performances and different brands that we have handpicked. We can spend time with each customer to establish their needs, budget, riding style and application. We also get to see the ear-to-ear grin that is always the result of trying one of our electric bikes for the first time!


The method to our madness

We actively pursue brands after in-depth research, including proper range testing and part assessments to ensure the product is priced better than the competition. If that’s not possible, then we don’t stock the brand. Our model is to consistently represent the best value in the industry across the brands we stock.
We provide a safe area for test riding a wide range of ebikes, indoors and away from pedestrians.
Our staff members receive thorough training in almost all aspects of ebikes, short of completing a degree in engineering.


Why are we in this industry

Our passion for innovative technology and electric assisted transport gets us out of bed every day. And coffee.


Why did we start this business

We believe that the common bike shop style business does not suit the emergence of electric assisted bikes. The reliance on the main stream brands, the clutter and chaos of a traditional bike shop, the lack of expertise on the products and the industry does not serve the customer in terms of value and experience. The potential of electric bikes justifies a better standard of customer experience.

We have placed unprecedented importance on test riding which sets us apart from any other electric bike business. To achieve an ideal test ride environment, we have ‘taken things in house’ so to speak. We can control the environment, communicate with the customer and allow the customer to test ride not just one or two bikes, but the entire range. This is important to us as it’s just not possible to make an informed decision on what suits their needs without ‘having a go’.

We started Ebikery to offer the best brands at the best prices. In Australia a quality electric bike might cost you an arm and a leg (or two arms and two legs) from a mainstream brand. We scoured the globe for a better solution. Our brands aren’t marked up like the main players. We deal directly with manufactures which keeps our prices reasonable and also means we can offer great support directly from the people who made your electric bike.