Rules for Riders in Melbourne

by Jacob Fox November 18, 2016

The electric bike laws in Melbourne are very similar to other areas in Australia. In 2012 Terry Mulder MP, the Minister for Public Transport announced the change to the Victorian Road Rules. This allowed certain types of electric bikes to be used in the same way as regular bicycles. This means that wherever you can ride a bike, you can also ride an ebike.

This change encourages the use of new technologies. It also opens up more options to the public when choosing their transport. This is especially good news for the members of the community who saw driving as the only option for a few reasons. Bad knees, hips, didn’t like arriving to work sweaty, etc. Electric bikes are the perfect choice for those of us who just want to reduce our carbon footprint. While giving the freedom that public transport might not provide.

What laws apply to me as an ebiker? The same riding rules that apply to all other bicycles on the road.

Use of an AS/NZS2063 compliant Helmet when riding on roads, bike paths/lanes, and footpaths were allowed.

The use of a white light facing forwards, and a red light facing the read plus a red reflector, when riding at night. This is a safety consideration to help other road users take appropriate action to give you space.

These are just a couple of the most important points; there are a few others that relate to road laws available for your perusal here:

We love Melbourne and its attitude towards electric bikes and cyclists, with safety being a major factor! We have ridden around most capital cities, and Melbourne is by far the most enjoyable to ride around. You can read more on riding in Melbourne in my other post: Electric Bikes in Melbourne - The City Built for Cycling


* Please be sure to read the laws yourself before riding on the road!

Jacob Fox
Jacob Fox