Electric Bikes in Melbourne - The City Built for Cycling

by Jacob Fox November 17, 2016

Melbourne has a whopping 135 km’s of bicycle paths, both on and off road, perfectly suited for electric bikes. Whether you need to get into the city for work, or want to take your ebike around the Melbourne sights. There is something for everyone to enjoy!


Dedicated to providing safe routes for cyclists and commuters who use electric bikes.Melbourne has made large investments in upgrading bike paths and lanes to improve safety. Further commitment to commuting on bicycles, Melbourne is pushing important pieces of legislation; such as the proposed mandatory safe distance between cars and bikes while overtaking on the road. Greatly increasing the safety of the cyclists!


Another reason why Melbourne is perfect for ebikes and cyclists is the bike pod. Located at City Square, its a unique initiative to encourage more commuters to cycle into the Melbourne. Not only does it provide a safe place to park your bike, but it has two private shower facilities and change rooms!

Some of the other features as listed on the City of Melbourne’s website include:

a basin and mirror
clothes hooks
a bench seat
floor heating for comfort and drying
stainless steel floor for hygiene
an automated door with a time lapse for security.
    This is a free facility that operates Monday to Friday between 5 am and 7 pm, provided by the City of Melbourne in conjunction with the Victorian government.


    A dedicated resource providing up to date information about each riding route is the bicycle network website (www.bicyclenetwork.com.au). Detailing routes for each direction of travel around Melbourne city. If there is any maintenance on any of these routes, it is detailed on this website. This helps you plan your journey when those unexpected or regular maintenance situations pop up on your normal route.
    There are several bike trails that are not just excellent for commuting on electric bikes, but offer a fantastic view along the way.



    If you are thinking about purchasing a bike but are worried about your fitness level or sweating before arriving to work. An electric bike is one of the best options to help you back into fitness and the world of cycling. Most electric bikes come with multiple pedal assistance levels allowing you to tailor the ride to your fitness level. Perfect for the City of Melbourne.

    Jacob Fox
    Jacob Fox